The Magic of a Colorful Autumn Circle Drive

On October 23, 2013, my family completed the Circle Tour of Lake Superior. We had so many favorite spots and experiences, but the best include seeing the many waterfalls along the tour (I had no idea there would be so many!), eating at Tycoon’s in Duluth (great Whitefish), Dunc Lake near White River, Ontario, provided a great sunset while we stayed at Gloria’s Motel (which had a beautiful view of More

So Much to See

We began our Circle Tour from Des Moines, Iowa. We spent a night in Duluth and will definitely go back to the city as there was more to see than we were able to in one day. Then we headed north around the lake. The scenery was spectacular and highlighted by the many waterfalls and lighthouses. Our favorite part of the trip was in the U.P. of Michigan. The Shipwreck More

My Favorite Spots

I am happy to report that I completed the Lake Superior Circle Tour September 10-16, 2012. My mileage from Duluth to Duluth, clockwise, was 1,522 miles. My favorite spots were the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum (seeing the Edmund Fitzgerald bell) and the last 10 miles of Highway 41 coming in to Copper Harbor. My least favorite bits were the first 15 miles of Highway 26 coming out of Copper Harbor More