We Did It!

Dear Circle Tour Club: WE DID IT! My girlfriend and I finally did the Lake Superior Circle Tour! On June 12, we left Dayton and returned on June 20. We started the tour at Sault Ste. Marie, watching 2 freighters in the locks – one going east and one going west. We then crossed the International Bridge and stopped at the Visitor’s Center to exchange money (and to get a More

So Beautiful

Our trip was from September 10-16, 2012. We loved the shipwreck museum at Whitefish Bay. Well worth the time. We learned so much. The lighthouse at Crisp Point was well worth the drive and time. We loved seeing the ships go through the locks at Sault Ste. Marie. It was fun to see ships that we always see in Duluth at another point on the lake. The pebble beach in More

The More Time You Have, The Better

My husband and I made the Circle September 8-19, 2012. We started in Duluth, Minnesota. We went north to Grand Marais, into Canada and Thunder Bay. We only had hotel reservations for the first two nights, after that we just stopped wherever was interesting. We did stay couple nights in a few places. We lucked out with absolutely beautiful, perfect weather! We were a little early for peak foliage, although More

Touring on Motorcycle Is Great

My buddy and I just completed the tour on our motorcycles August 5th through August 9th. Our favorite spots were the boat landing at Marathon, Ontario, and the locks at Sault Ste. Marie. We loved seeing the differences between the North Shore of Minnesota and the shoreline of Ontario and Michigan. Touring on motorcycle is great because it allows one to “feel” the lake! We had heat, cold, dry and More

Fond Memories

We are preparing to make our third Circle Tour of Lake Superior this summer. Our first Circle Tour was our honeymoon in July 1991. We got out the scrapbook and repeated the trip for our 10th anniversary in 2001. We decided to do it again this year for our 20th anniversary. Our first trip was unplanned (after our reservations got fouled up elsewhere). It began with a simple picnic trip More

Favorite Places

We completed the tour from August 6-11, 2011, on our motorcycles. Favorite places/experiences: Grand Marais. We stopped at Blue Water Café, which had some very good fish; Marathon, Ontario – small town with a gas station; Thunder Bay, Ontario – Nice visit at the Harley shop. Tom Streveler, Clinton, Iowa Derek De Jager, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Everything Was Awesome!

We completed our Circle Tour on August 1, 2011. The whole thing was awesome! Marathon to Thunder Bay, Ontario, was the most scenic. We would highly recommend it to anyone who can take the time. The Lake Superior Magazine map from the Visitor Center was THE BEST. Cathy McFarland, Novar, Ontario Paul & Wendy Davis, Novar, Ontario George LaPointe, Marmora, Ontario Gerrard Hurley, Bracebridge, Ontario

Our Circle Tour

Monday, July 11-Tuesday, July 18, 2011. Our Lake Superior Circle Tour began with a very strategic stop at the Lake Superior Magazine (LSM) office (310 E. Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota) where we spoke to the helpful staff and purchased Lake Superior, the Ultimate Guide to the Region published by LSM. This book was a helpful addition to all of the maps and tour books we received from AAA (Automobile Club More

The Trip Was Spectacular

We began the journey on Friday, July 1, 2011, and finished the journey on Tuesday, July 5th. The trip was spectacular! It included driving through clouds of mist in the mountains near Marathon, Ontario, passing a bear on the roadside in Northern Ontario and dodging several deer in Michigan. The tour provided a spectacular variety of mountain wilderness on the north shore to quaint villages on the U.S. south shore More