Circling the Pond

This is our first long adventure with our “new” Little Guy teardrop-style camper. We enjoyed being off the ground, dry and warm during the mostly damp days of June 24 – July 7. Our major interests were fly fishing, canoeing and finding EarthCaches, but the tour guide led us to other treasures including many well-done visitor center displays. Our tour began in Grand Marais, Minnesota, where we spent two nights at More

Across Canada, Sleeping in Our Car

We decided at our age, we should see what the rest of Canada looks like. We are 70 & 71. Our car is a Toyota Matrix. We have an excellent foam mattress, cut to shape to fit in the back, when the seats are down. We each have our own sleeping bags suited to our own body temperature requirements. Because it is my holiday too, there is no cooking … More