A Very Beautiful Trip

We really enjoy your magazine and this year we did the Circle Tour, something we’ve been going to do for a long time! So we decided to go clockwise, starting in Michigan. We tent camped most of the way and stayed with friends in Ashland, Wisconsin. We had our kayaks along and our friends had their canoe. We met interesting people in every place we stopped! We started on August More

We Camped on Our Trip

My dog and I just completed the circle tour in 12 wonderful days. It was supposed to be a trip with my Mother as well but she passed away last spring and so I decided to do it in memory of her. Start date: August 15, end date: August 26. Our trip started with a dog agility show in Thunder Bay and then we also spent a few days with More

Cherished Memories

We have completed the Circle Tour many times over the years. We have cherished memories of amazing camping trips with our two sons, who are grown up now. Please enroll us in the membership. My favorite memory follows: We took a long camping trip in 2001, in August, first going to Fayette [in the Keweenaw] to stay by the abandoned smelt-mining townsite and then on to Fort Wilkins State Park. More