September Circle – Anti-Clockwise!!

We live in Northern Wisconsin and spend a fair amount of time on the Big Lake west of Ontonagon and we decided on a spur of the moment to circumnavigate Superior! We have friends in Ely, MN that we’ve been trying to see, so decided to get over there by going around the lake counter-clockwise and they met us in Duluth. Everything other than the south shore was “new country” to us, so it was joyful exploration the whole way in our truck camper. Canada was such a treat! The people were all fabulous and helpful and we met so many wonderful people going around the lake. I was astounded to find the whole route from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay was mostly through mountains! I never expected that! I had it in my mind that most of Canada was spruce trees and muskeg… so the winding roads with amazing vistas of the rugged coastline was a thrill. We spent 9 days on our trip – and that was about right. We stayed in several Provincial Parks along the way and did a fair amount of hiking. The Parks are inexpensive and the facilities are first rate! It would be nice if the U.S. State Parks had the amenities that the Canadian ones do! Everything was clean and tidy; the rangers super helpful, the campsites spacious and convenient. Because we rolled past many gas stations that were closed for the season (early September), we filled up whenever we’d hit the half-tank mark and we had no trouble. There’s not much between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay other than small towns with few people so don’t expect much along the way.

Dave Bosshard and Peggy Williams, Boulder Junction, WI