Lake Superior Circle Tour

We traveled around Lake Superior 8/16/19 – 8/25/19 counterclockwise beginning at Sault Ste. Marie and camped in a camper at different sites around the lake. Beautiful scenery and a great, but rushed trip. Ten days is not nearly enough to see even a fraction of the sights. We will be scheduling Lake Superior 2.0 for next year and try to take at least 3 weeks to do it. We saw many bald eagles and deer as we traveled around the lake, a wolf and bald eagle at the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, and caught a fleeting glimpse of a moose darting across 28 near Humboldt, MI. We were able to see Isle Royale from the tip of the peninsula at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, which was cool as we had hiked the island last year. Overall, amazing trip and we will be making the journey again next year with more time!

John Zilch, Katherine & Taz Lane, Hartland MI