My Wild Hair Holiday Trip, Seeking Snow

12/26 Left Cincinnati, drove to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and checked into the Best western, 12:06 AM. In the morning, got an oil change across the street from the hotel, and was on my way around the lake. Got some pics of the lake around Goulais Bay. It started to snow, yeah! Stopped in Terrace Bay, no pet friendly rooms left, it was really snowing hard by then, so i ate dinner at Wah’s Restaurant, and drove on to Schreiber where we stayed at the Cosiana Inn. More snow, the road was covered. Sand is used instead of salt and the plows were running. Several jackknifed trucks later and more pictures, but no side tours. The roads were not plowed and mostly closed. Ate dinner at the Red Lion Smokehouse in Thunder Bay. Inga was pretty sure we would not see home again. Motored on thru Duluth and stayed at Brule River Motel and Campground in WI. We went back to Duluth for some shopping at the Duluth Trading, and a quick tour of the town. Saw some beautiful houses, and a minor accident where a car failed to stop at the bottom of a hill, until it hit another car.  Dinner in Calumet at the Michigan House Cafe, good steak! Drove around town and saw interesting stone buildings, neat place. Onward to Marquette and a stay at the Brentwood Motel. Went to the Pictured Rocks, could not do the lower road. Drove across the UP, saw lots of snowmobiles, complaints of not enough snow, thru Grand Marias, ate dinner at the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub, watched a guy go over the falls in a kayak… yes the river was partially frozen and it was cold! Drove up to Whitefish Point and walked the beach close to the Lighthouse. Headed back to Sault Ste. Marie and across the Mackinac Bridge, at night again. Made it home at 5 AM on Dec 31st. It was a crazy fast trip and I know I want to go back to spend more time. I’ll add in Mackinac Island and more time on side tours in Ontario. But, I really enjoyed my trip. Even Inga got used to the fast pace and enjoyed walking on the beach.

Tanya Carter and Inga, Cincinnati, OH