Hills of Fire— Fall Camping Around the Lake

We took our tour counterclockwise starting in Iron River. We took the Ale tour, making sure to (safely) stop at each brewery as we made our way around the lake. Weather was cold but the colors were vibrant! By the time we were in Canada bus tours filled with tourists were traveling along the coast to get a peek at the peak colors. The Ale tour was strong until we hit Sault Saint Marie. Not a lot of craft brews until you reach Thunder Bay and by that time you’re craving it! Provincial parks were hit and miss due to us traveling a so late in the season some trails and campsites were already closed. However the information centers had plenty of options for us to choose from. The highlight of our trip was making the extra trek out to Ouimet Canyon in Dorion, ON. Don’t let the 20 minute access drive fool you! Totally worth it.