Beautiful Lake Superior

We traveled clockwise around the lake, starting in Munising, MI. We then traveled west to Duluth, MN, entered Canada and stayed in Thunder Bay. We then traveled to Terrace Bay, Wawa, and Sault Ste. Marie. We backtracked a little after that to hit the Tahquamenon Falls before voyaging back around east side of Lake Michigan. We loved the fall color and it even snowed on us in Wawa! The lake was beautiful and it was interesting to see how differently the lake acted on each day. Everyone was very friendly around the lake. The one downfall is that some visitor centers and provincial parks were closed for the season in Canada, with no warning. We would drive to a park or visitor center and it would just be closed. If I had a chance to revisit for a week, I would probably go back to the Wawa area and spend more time at the Lake Superior Provincial Park because there is just so much hiking there. Unfortunately, it was snowing so we did not do as much hiking as we would have liked!

Ann Srodulski & Donald Gagliasso, Berwyn, IL