34 Days by Bicycle

Best experience: We rode into Grand Marais, MI on the GM Truck Trail, and worked lots of sand into our chains and gears. It was raining and we were pretty miserable. Everyone had been warning us that a storm was coming with gale-force winds, so we asked about a place to stay. The guy at the gas station answered our question about the campground, but then pointed out Superior Hotel just across the street, with rooms starting at $40. It’s a 115-year old building run by a wonderful, talkative older couple, Rick and Nancy. We got so warm and cozy there that we fell right to sleep. Next day, the gale-force winds came in and we called it a rest day, so with that cozy base camp to count on we watched it whip up 5-foot waves and blow sand in our faces and then played cribbage nice and warm inside. It was a really nice, quiet night when the power went out through the whole town.