Great Hiking! – Not Just Driving!

We started at the Soo, took a boat trip through the locks, and then headed north and counterclockwise around the lake. Starting the trip in the least populated Canadian areas really set the tone for getting away from suburbia! We knew we’d be doing a lot of driving, so we planned stops at parks to make sure we got plenty of exercise. We quickly found we didn’t need to “schedule” hikes! Several waterfalls came with challenging terrain for optional views (I’m emphasizing “optional” here, because often a view was as simple as walking to a handicap-accessible platform, with hikes to view the falls from different angles). Two very different hikes, one near the beginning of our trip and one closer to the end, were at Katherine Cove in Ontario, a beautiful stretch of beach and crystal-clear water, and Frog Bay Tribal National Park in Wisconsin, a dense woods with a hike ending on a pristine patch of Lake Superior beach.

Harold & Melanie Oyster, Gahanna, OH