Car Camping with 4 kids, 3-9 yrs oldl

We loved the hiking and tent camping on the lake all the way around. Even in May we found it to be comfortable hiking during the day and only experienced one night of heavy rain and one night of cold temperatures. Our gear was still able to withstand it all. We loved how in the US there were so many wayside rests and viewing points, the trails were well marked and mileage easy to find. In Canada we loved the ruggedness of the few trails we found, it felt like we were walking a moose trail complete with droppings and tracks in the mud, and a few signs to let us know we were on the right track. Open camp grounds were sparse in Canada in May, most of the parks were closed. In Canada, Superior Provincial Park and Sleeping Giant were the only two we found open during our trip (we tried to stay in Provincial, State or National parks). Early in our trip (Michigan and Ontario) we did not have safe drinking water as it was to early in the season, so we paid for gallons or used a sawyer to clean it. Our weakest link was our three year old only allowing us to do 1 1/2 miles (a little over 2 kilometers) at a time. Luckily, there were plenty of shorter trails to see the beautiful landscape, or drive ups to view, so we were able to keep our driving to under three hours a day. Rock collecting on beaches and feather collecting was a favorite of the kids — only when allowed, of course. The park staff were wonderful about pointing us to places appropriate for the kids both in and out of the parks.

Jeff & Becky Bridell Clearbrook, MN