We Love Lake Superior!

We just got home from completing the Circle Tour. We along with our two best friends decided this would be a great ride on our Gold Wings. The weather was pleasantly chilly which was a change from Arkansas’ hot weather.

As we were planning for cold we did not even think about mosquitoes. At Whitefish Point, one of our favorite stops, along with staying in a lighthouse, they have man-eating mosquitoes. Bug spray will be on the list if we return.

We also stayed at the Northern Rail Traincar Inn, Two Harbors, Minnesota. This was by far one of the most unusual places to stay. The owners are so welcoming and have everything you could possibly need tucked away in an old train boxcar.

We had quite the time crossing the border into Canada (I guess we looked suspicious). But it was all worth it, as riding into Canada was beautiful.

The thing that really amazed us was the size of the lake. When we decided to take a boat tour during our top in Duluth, we were only on a small part of the Lake and it was endless! Many times along the way we stopped to enjoy different views of the Lake. We dipped our toes in every chance we got and also collected a few beautiful rocks to remind us of this wonderful trip. I just wish we’d had longer so we could have seen even more along the way!

Ken & Michelle McSpadden, Batesville, AR