Just Finished the Lake Superior Circle Tour

Hi, we have just finished our Lake Superior Circle Tour! We started from Sault Ste. Marie and finished there. We started on Sept. 17 and ended Sept. 24. We did it as a couple, driving our SUV and using local motels to stay. We hiked a few parks as we are avid hikers. That was a very intense drive but truly worth it! Lake Superior is majestic and a bit More

Joining the Circle Tour Club

Hi, I would like to get a Circle Tour sticker and certificate for my wife and myself. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary by circling Superior clockwise Sept. 7-14. Our daughter moved to Duluth several years ago. She got me to subscribe to your wonderful magazine and I used it extensively in planning out the trip. Our plan was to see as many waterfalls as we could and also many More

Peaceful Beauty

My (Jaye) favorite was the fact that there were no billboards or other such things on the vast Ontario stretch. So beautiful and peaceful! We all loved White River and Winnie the Pooh, and we even saw a bear in the U.P. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter enjoyed the Bush Plane Museum. She is 4 now, and still remembers it! Jaye Greene, Ken Petrowski & Sylvia, Fort Collins, CO

Had a Blast

We completed the tour today, September 17, 2016. We went in our 1995 RoadTrek, and had a blast. We loved all of it, but our favorite spots were Old Woman Bay and Katherine Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park, and Blue Point Amethyst Mine north of Thunder Bay. We’re excited to members of the club! Ella Huwe & Carlie Carow, Fargo, ND

We’ve Circled!

On September the 5th we completed the Lake Superior Circle Tour clockwise from Duluth to Duluth. We took 12 days for our tour and had overnights at: Duluth, MN; Virginia, MN; Grand Marais, MN; Grand Portage, MN; Thunder Bay, ON; Wawa, ON; Strongs, MI; Munising, MI; Hancock, MI; Bayfield, WI; and Duluth, MN. Some of our favorite experiences were: seeing the massive Hull-Rust-Mahoning open pit mine in Hibbing; watching a More

Lake Superior Circle Tour

I would like to become a member of your club. My wife and I completed the Tour in 1983. And, while working for the Michigan Department of Transportation, I was responsible for creating the signed Lake Superior Circle Tour route. I called for a meeting with representatives from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario transportation and travel agencies. We met in Marquette, MI in the fall of 1985, agreed to the concept More