Our Circle Tour

My husband Chris and I did the Circle Tour the first week in October 2016. Nine days and eight nights. We started in Sault, MI, where we live and traveled west. Temps were in the 60s for perfect hiking and outdoor adventures.

Things that impressed us: the murals on the buildings in Ashland, WI; the waterfront in Duluth and the size of the massive harbor where 1,000′ freighters could “get lost”; the rugged north shore of Minnesota; the isolation of the shores of Canada – a nice little town every 100 miles or so that had all the necessities (school, hospital, several main stores for shopping); the well-maintained hiking trails and the parks in Canada; the up and down and curvy road from Wawa back home. We hope to return to the Provincial Park on the eastern shore of the lake to explore more hiking trails.

As navigator, while my husband drove, I kept the Travel Guide on my lap to plot our activities and sights for the day. It was an invaluable resource with an abundance of information and suggestions. We would have missed many awesome sights without the Travel Guide suggestions.

Janet & Chris Hess, Sault Ste. Marie, MI