A Trip We Will Never Forget

We’d like to join the Lake Superior Circle Tour Club! On Monday, Sept. 5, 2016, my husband and I left California to start a 7,800 mile road trip, with the highlight being circling Lake Superior, the only Great Lake we hadn’t seen.

We arrived in Duluth on Tuesday. Sept 13. Our first stop was the Lake Superior Outlet Store where we bought the Lake Superior Travel Guide and the Lake Superior Ultimate Guide to the Region. I used the Travel Guide during the day and read at night about “coming attractions” mentioned in the Ultimate Guide. I wish I had had the guides during my planning at home. I did my best in planning, but it was still difficult to know how many days to stay and where since this was our first trip to the area.

We drove up the North Shore to Thunder Bay, then around to Wawa and then to Sault Ste. Marie. Then on to Mackinac City, spent a day on Mackinac Island, then drove across the Upper Peninsula, following Lake Superior as much as possible. We drove up the Keweenaw Peninsula and back down. Then across Wisconsin and back to Duluth, arriving in Duluth on Wednesday, Sept 21.

Then we drove up to International Falls and into Canada again, crossing the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta before re-entering the U.S. at Idaho and continuing back to California. We arrived home on Friday, Sept. 30. What a great trip!

What was the best part of the Lake Superior Circle Tour? Everything! Everything was new to us. We enjoyed Mackinac Island and the Mackinac fudge. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum was an eye-opener, hard to believe that the lake could get that ‘angry.’ We took the Pictured Rocks boat tour, ate pasties (“you eat them; you don’t wear them”). Saw lots of beautiful waterfalls and the beginning of Fall foliage. Saw a ship go through Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge.

It took us about nine days to circle the lake, and that was really not long enough. What we need to do now is do it again, at a slower pace, now that we know what to see and do. Unfortunately, at our age (70 and 80), we might not get to do it again. But we are thrilled we got to do it once. It’s a trip we will never forget. Thanks for helping make this trip so memorable.

By the way, when we got home, we found out our granddaughter and family from Santa Barbara did a commercial for the Duluth Trading store. And the nephew of a good friend was working at Mackinac Island when we were there. Small world, isn’t it?

Jim & Elizabeth Osborne, Caliente, CA