Just Finished the Lake Superior Circle Tour

Hi, we have just finished our Lake Superior Circle Tour! We started from Sault Ste. Marie and finished there. We started on Sept. 17 and ended Sept. 24. We did it as a couple, driving our SUV and using local motels to stay. We hiked a few parks as we are avid hikers. That was a very intense drive but truly worth it!

Lake Superior is majestic and a bit different from Lake Michigan (we live in the Chicago suburbs). There was no favorite spot as each part was different: I love the remoteness of Canada, friendly people and amazing views. Minnesota was just a joy, driving so close to Lake Superior – amazing hiking trails and waterfalls – and two days was not enough to see it all! Wisconsin was great – we took a cruise to Apostle Islands – but kind of pricey as they charged you for tiny bitty waterfall or access to the lake. Michigan was very cozy although there was not a straight way to go near the shore.

Aneta & Curt Trusner, Berwyn, IL