Joining the Circle Tour Club

Hi, I would like to get a Circle Tour sticker and certificate for my wife and myself. We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary by circling Superior clockwise Sept. 7-14. Our daughter moved to Duluth several years ago. She got me to subscribe to your wonderful magazine and I used it extensively in planning out the trip.

Our plan was to see as many waterfalls as we could and also many of the other attractions mentioned in your magazine. It’s true that you really do need at least a couple of weeks to do the tour justice, and as a result we had to skip a lot. That will just give us more to do next time around. We started out near Munising and took in all the waterfalls the area had to offer, including some of the lesser falls. We used a website called that had a lot of waterfall locations.

We spent a night in the Landmark Inn in Marquette, and had dinner at Elizabeth’s Chop House. Both were very nice.

We climbed the top of Copper Peak near Bessemer on a very windy day. They say it sways up to 18 inches in the wind. It was a bit unnerving.

Gabbro Falls is a hidden beauty. No signs anywhere and if you are daring, you can actually rappel up the side of it (ropes are left for you). The Black River Scenic Byway is an area that shouldn’t be missed.

We spent our next night at The Old Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield. I really wished we could have spent more time there.

After a couple of days with our kids in Duluth, we headed on to Thunder Bay. Even though this was the low season, we had difficulty finding lodging in Thunder Bay. We had a really good meal at the Prospector Steak House in downtown Thunder Bay.

We stopped at Ouimet Canyon. It was rainy and deserted. It was sort of spooky, but beautiful. The Canadian side of the lake is truly beautiful and we’ll definitely be back to spend more time on the north side.

We enjoyed Nipigon, before heading over to Wawa where we again couldn’t find lodging. We had originally planned on possibly camping but the weather turned quite cold and we were not in the mood to rough it.

So, we had to press on to Sault Ste. Marie. We enjoyed our stay at the Watertower Inn. I’ve been here many times in the past and they did not disappoint. We toured the Canadian locks on a nice morning, then headed back to the U.S. and Tahquamenon Falls. We had a wonderful whitefish meal at Brown’s Fisheries in Paradise. Then on to home – too soon.

Dennis & Lee Ann Mossner, Frankenmuth, MI