Loved It All

Started the trip Sept. 10 and ended the trip Sept.19. Spent nine days driving around the lake. We drove a little over 1,600 miles with the side trips. Loved it all. It was like three different scenic areas.

The first one was the Minnesota north shore. Been there several times in the past, but never been past Grand Marais before. The second area was past Thunder Bay. It was just a different type of wilderness. Wish we could have spent more time in Thunder Bay. Lots of things to do and see there. The third area was once we got back into the States. Hated the bridge, I would have gladly driven an extra 200 miles to avoid that. The south side of the lake is so much different from the rest. Liked the mines in Michigan, would like to go back there next summer. We went on two boat trips, one at Pictured Rocks and the other at the Apostle Islands. Both were pretty cool.

Weather was great on the trip. What about driving around the other Great Lakes?

David Remarke, Richfield, MN