Across Canada, Sleeping in Our Car


We decided at our age, we should see what the rest of Canada looks like. We are 70 & 71. Our car is a Toyota Matrix. We have an excellent foam mattress, cut to shape to fit in the back, when the seats are down. We each have our own sleeping bags suited to our own body temperature requirements. Because it is my holiday too, there is no cooking … we just eat out, so no dishes. Gas in the motorhome would be four times the amount, and cooking and cleaning required, so that was a big NO.

I do the driving and Jerry does the navigating. We do not know where we will be from one day to the next, as we do not make plans, other than this one, to go around the Lake, upper half in Canada going across, and lower half in the USA on the return trip.

We geocache, so we take our time going anywhere, often a two-hour drive might take eight hours with geocaching and sightseeing. I did like to collect sand from the beaches into tiny little Ziploc baggies, and have one from here too. We take four months of the summer, from May to end of Sept. and just go geocaching somewhere.

This is Canada’s birthday now in 2017, so we will do the trip once again for the four months, as there is so much to see and do that we missed, and will do the Circle Tour again. It is a beautiful drive.

Donna Smith and Jerry Stainer, Vernon, British Columbia