What a Special Place

Greetings, love the magazine & idea of the Lake Superior Circle Tour Club.

I’ve been around the Big Lake a few times. The first with my family about 1967, age 12. We traveled with two other families and found our way north of the Big Lake near Jelico where we camped and fished for 10 days. To this date I’ve never seen so many big pike and walleye. I remember stopping in Wawa at the giant goose statue. In those days seeing flocks of Canada geese in the spring and fall was special. Now you can see them in any urban park any day of the year. Times have changed.

I traveled again around the lake in 2003, kayaking off Rossport and paddling out to the Slate Islands for a week. Our group was visited by woodland caribou at our campsite. Best paddling ever.

I drove once again in 2011 around the lake to see what ís new on the top side!

Every trip was fantastic.

I hope to tour around the lake again this summer, bringing kayaks, fishing gear and bikes. What a special place we have here in our backyard!

Thanks for creating such a wonderful magazine and promoting our area.

David Rhude, Minneapolis, MN