Favorite Memory

I have traveled the Canadian & U.S. shores of Lake Superior for over 60 years. The north shore above Duluth, MN has always been a favorite memory for me. I look forward to displaying my Circle Tour Club sticker on my next trip around the lake which will also include Lake Huron. Rick Wold, Lakeland, FL

A Great Experience

Hello, I would like Circle Tour certificates. We finished Aug. 2, 2014. We put 1,840 miles on our motorcycles. I went with my parents who are in their late 70s. We had a great experience and would do it again. Everybody we met was really nice along our way. The weather was very challenging for us – lots of fog and rain for three days. We are excited to get More

Fun-Filled Adventure

We just completed the Circle Tour! The boys rode their motorcycles and the girls followed in a convertible. Mother Nature blessed us with plenty of good weather and the boys never had to put on their rain gear. We saw amazing views, yet despite the plethora of moose signs we did not spot one! We loved stopping at the many waterfalls along the way. It was a fun-filled adventure. Jenny More