Everything I Had Dreamed Of

I completed the circle tour by vehicle, specifically in my Jeep Cherokee, in 2014.

I started by driving through Wisconsin. I made it to the north shore and found Cornucopia. This little town will forever be in my top favorite destinations. I found it by accident as the road I was on turned into a detour due to construction. There was a motel on the corner and next to it, what seemed to be a garage by glance, was actually a bar! There were plastic tables and chairs set up outside and the window panels were still resting against the siding. This was early in the summer and seemed to be a peak time for their business. There was a live, local band jamming away and a single keg for bar beverages in the corner. This was an experience for sure.

I carried on and another incredible spot was in Bayfield. I took a ferry ride to Madeline Island to play a round of golf. The owner was so nice, due to bad weather in the early morning, actually offered to pick me up from the mainland and take me across to play. I decided to drive, as I knew I would want to explore the rest of the island after. It was a great day of exploring. Beautiful lakefront homes.

I carried on and went up to the northern peninsula of Michigan. I found Copper Harbor. There was an excellent small craft brewery. I enjoy a few drinks that night and slept in the jeep by the shore of Lake Superior that night. Waking up to the sounds of loons and the cool brisk air off the water filled me with goosebumps. It was there I realized that I had fallen in love with this tour.

Every place I had stopped at, passed through or stayed for an extended time quickly became my favorite place. I have actually made this tour a few times but always ended it short of about 40-70 miles. I went to Lakehead University in 2009. I had made the western drive north countless times, but had rarely driven the southern route. I spent the majority of my time enjoying this route and taking in all the sights. This trip I finally finished it all and man, was it everything I had dreamed of. Those are only a few places. but I could spend all day describing everything.

My favorites though: Sleeping Giant Provincial Park; Superior, Wisconsin; Bayfield; Cornucopia; Copper Harbor; S.S. Marie; Two Harbors (Smoked fish at Russ Kendall’s and Smoked Shrimp in town!!!!); Terrace bay; and many more!

Jack McCaw, Charleston, IL