Put It on Your Bucket List

We started out in Minnesota on July 11, 2014, and stopped at Gooseberry Falls for some pictures and a break. We then proceeded to Thunder Bay, Ontario, and stayed in a hotel for the evening. We took lots of pictures along the way.

And the scenery was great. The next day we went to an amethyst mine and purchased a couple of items which is nice and got some more pictures. It was quite a trip back up to the mine. Took some more pictures coming back out to the highway. Took more pictures on the way up to Nipigon, Ontario, where we stayed overnight.

The weather was nice except it was cool. We made several stops the next day at scenic places and items to see.

We stayed in Wawa that evening at the Wawa Motor Inn, which is a nice place to stay. Next day we stopped at a waterfall and took more pictures. We saw bear and moose along the way and also fox and raccoon. We ran into some fog today but it finally cleared up. We ate breakfast at the Hungry Moose the day prior and it was great. Excellent place to eat. Canada has some very pretty scenery and places to see. This is a trip to put on your bucket list.

We proceeded to Sault Ste. Marie, back into the USA, into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the town of Newberry and stayed there. We then went to Houghton, Michigan and stayed overnight. We went to the tip of the point and took lots of pictures along the way. Went back along the shoreline and got lots more pictures.

We had a bear cross the road in front of us and also got some pictures of a cow moose. We stayed this day at the Bad River Casino, which is a nice place. We then went back to Superior, Wisconsin, and then Duluth, Minnesota. Took more pictures in Duluth. We then went back home that evening.

We took this trip on our Can Am Syyder RTS touring bike and trailer. We went with my husband’s cousin and wife who has a Honda trike and trailer. We made 1,684 miles from our home in Royalton, Minnesota.

Dennis & Deborah Dickmann, Royalton, MN