A Perfect Tour

We took our trip beginning May 31 arrived home on June 7, 2014. We started out in Superior, Wisconsin for a trip to the Anchor Bar for hamburger (which we found as good as advertised). We had left home in Shoreview, MN about 8 a.m., and had driven in rain all day. I kept saying I don’t think it can rain any harder, and it did. When we arrived in Duluth, we were into rain mixed with fairly heavy fog. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but of our eight-day trip, five were rain, fog or both, and three were absolutely beautiful blue sky days.

We saw some of the most beautiful scenery because of the fog. The roadside rest just outside Grand Marais, Rossport, Ontario, where the islands would disappear and reappear before our eyes, and the rain in Rossport. Ice on the Lake in Michigan on June 5, Pictured Rocks and our last evening in Ashland, Wisconsin, the end to a perfect tour of the Big Lake.

Karen Earhuff, Shoreview, MN