The Magic of a Colorful Autumn Circle Drive

On October 23, 2013, my family completed the Circle Tour of Lake Superior. We had so many favorite spots and experiences, but the best include seeing the many waterfalls along the tour (I had no idea there would be so many!), eating at Tycoon’s in Duluth (great Whitefish), Dunc Lake near White River, Ontario, provided a great sunset while we stayed at Gloria’s Motel (which had a beautiful view of Dunc Lake), the Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point was staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who provided great commentary regarding the history of shipwrecks, and the freshly fallen lake-effect snow along Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the Keweenaw Peninsula, completing the magic of a colorful autumn circle drive. We thoroughly enjoyed the Lake Superior Travel Guide and used it regularly to help us find the points of interest. Thank you.

David, Monica Millsap and Beau Rasmussen, St. Paul, Minnesota