So Much to See

We began our Circle Tour from Des Moines, Iowa. We spent a night in Duluth and will definitely go back to the city as there was more to see than we were able to in one day. Then we headed north around the lake. The scenery was spectacular and highlighted by the many waterfalls and lighthouses. Our favorite part of the trip was in the U.P. of Michigan. The Shipwreck Museum and walking along that beach at Whitefish Point seemed somewhat spiritual. We humored ourselves at the Bear Ranch in Newberry and on the glass bottom boat in Munising.

From start to finish, the trip took us 8 days. So much to see and we will definitely visit some spots we missed in the future. Lake Superior Travel Guide was very helpful in highlighting what to see in the different cities along the route and where to eat and stay.

Andy Lyons, Johnston, Iowa