Would Absolutely Do It Again

Kerri Anderson & Steve WolowichFor my partner’s 50th birthday, we thought that there was no better way to celebrate than to ride around Lake Superior. It was a trip that we had read about and thought sounded interesting. We were only concerned with time – how long would it take for us to realistically complete this tour, starting in Toronto and enjoying ourselves along the way? We finally decided to go for it, and after some heavy logistics work, planned on a 9-day ride, two-up on our Honda VFR 800.

We decided to start our journey in Sudbury and do a counterclockwise circle, as we had been told that was the best way to see the lake. We also decided to pre-book all of our rest stops, as we knew that we would have some long days in the saddle, and didn’t want to find out that there were no rooms to be had when we pulled into one of our designated rest stops for the night.

We departed on the morning of Friday August 9th, and headed to Sudbury. I had never been that far north before, and once we were north of Huntsville, the scenery was just breathtaking. Several times along the way we both just sat and shook our heads at the rugged beauty of it all. On our way to Sudbury we saw the lake for the first time – absolutely incredible. We stayed one night in Sudbury, and took our souvenir picture at the big nickel on our way to Wawa. We stayed at the Wawa Motor Inn and were treated to great hospitality and a fun time.

From Wawa we headed to Thunder Bay and again were just completely awestruck at the scenery that we were treated to along the way. From Thunder Bay we made the turn down south and crossed the border on our way to Bayfield. We enjoyed a time change along the way, so we gained an hour and what a great destination to have an extra hour to play with! Such a charming and quaint town!

From Bayfield we rode to Copper Harbor, Michigan, and enjoyed some of the best twisty roads that we have been on. Again stunning scenery along the way. From Copper Harbor we made our way to Marquette, Michigan, and really enjoyed our stay here for the night. From Marquette, we were Canada-bound again with Sault Ste. Marie as our next stop. It was hard to believe that we were nearing the end of our journey.

Next up, North Bay. We both felt a pang of sadness as the trip came to an end … no more “lake on our left,” and gone were the Inukshuks that seemed to line the highway the entire time. What we do have is our memories of one of the best trips that we’ve taken. All of the towns we visited were motorcycle-friendly and anyone who we spoke with about our trip was more than eager to share their memories of doing the same, or suggestions of things to see and places to visit. We are both so glad that we were able to complete our Circle Tour and absolutely would do it again.

The only thing that we would change is we would budget more time to spend off the bike, exploring and checking out some of the other places that we weren’t able to stop at this time around.

Kerri Anderson & Steve Wolowich, Toronto, Ontario