True Wilderness

We would like to join the Circle Tour Club. My husband and I drove the Lake Superior Circle Tour in June 2013 and loved it! We started our Circle Tour in Michigan. We drove the tour in our Miata with the top down all but one day, weather was in the 60s and 70s with only a little rain. Nights were chilly but we were cozy in our tent!

I have to say I have never seen true wilderness until this trip; it was beautiful. Our favorite part of the trip was the wilderness, scenery, camping and the park areas near Wawa. A few more favorites were Fort William near Thunder Bay, Rainbow Falls, black bear sightings, secluded beaches and watching the sunset over the lake. Only advice we would give is the advice given to us and it worked out great: If you see a gas station, get gas. Pack plenty of sandwiches, snacks, drinks, etc. Cafes, diners, stores are few and far between. Stop for camp or a motel while it’s still daylight, it’s really dark in the wilderness!

Bill & Elizabeth & Josie Lynch, London, Ohio