Bucket List

The Temples have subscribed to Lake Superior Magazine for many years. We love the lake! I used your Travel Guide for this driving trip – and we used Bonnie Dahl’s Superior Way when cruising. I made the Circle Trip by car the #1 item on my “bucket list” – and completed it last summer. Why was it #1? My wife (Ann) and I cruised Lake Superior four times – including circumnavigating the Lake in 1994 on our Bertram 50′ sport fishing boat, Marlin Quest. We anchored out as often as possible, but we stayed at many Lake Superior marinas, too. They were all trips of love and joy with my beloved Ann. I lost her three years ago. The memories of our trips together are wonderful! It would have been incredible if we had been able to do the Circle driving trip together, too – the way we always were – together!!! Thank you for letting me relive some of the most loving memories of my life!

Joseph Temple, Stuart, Florida