Never-Ending Ooohs and Aaahs

My sister, Alice Hudson (78), and I (79) left Wash­­burn, Wisconsin, on Tuesday September 18 going west around Lake Superior. We had both done portions of the tour as children, as well as the entire tour with our husbands (they were brothers!), but that was YEARS ago. So it was with a great deal of amazement we discovered the many improvements all along the way.

The roads are fabulous, as are the accommodations. MUCH thought has gone into providing safety and comfort for the traveler by the states and the province of Ontario, as well as private entrepreneurs. We drove a 2011 Scion XB and got 32 mpg despite windy and rainy conditions. The wind only increased the beauties of THE Lake. What awesome wave action! Since we are from the South Shore, the rocky bottoms of the northern and eastern shores gave the water a lovely aqua hue, something we do not ever see over here. That, contrasted with the white caps, rollers and breakers, were a never-ending source of “ooohs and aaahs.”

I would like to give particular credit to the folks who “manned” the Visitor Centres in Ontario. Especially the lady in Nipigon, Ontario, who gave us a fabulous history of the Paddle-to-the-Sea Park, but which, unbeknownst to her, its approach was under construction and we were unable to get into the park. This park was the inspiration of ONE woman, elderly now, who also loved Paddle-to-the-Sea as much as my sister and me. She singlehandedly was the spark behind the establishment of this park. I think a story/interview with her would interest your readers. Despite the fact we did not get to the park, we did take advantage of photographing the quite authentic wood carving of the Paddle figure outside the Visitor Centre.

Besides Paddle-to-the-Sea, White River, Ontario, is the home of Winnie-the-Pooh and there is a lovely playground and park in the center of that town. Children would benefit from this trip, not only from the lessons in children’s literature, but from the geography and the experience of being in a foreign country.

Well, after lots of laughter, picture-taking, delicious meals and the amusement of not being able to understand the currency, kilometres or gasoline prices, we arrived back in Washburn on Saturday, September 22, 2012, safe and sound with hearts FULL of wonderful memories. I think this is all you need from me. Take care and continue the GOOD work publishing the Lake Superior Travel Guide. That was our “bible” all along the way :o) Thanks for enabling us to see sights we otherwise may have missed.

Mary Durocher Hudson, Washburn, Wisconsin
Alice Hudson, Washburn, Wisconsin