Fulfillment of a Lifelong Dream

Susan LukasFrom August 18, 2012, to September 16 my friend Tracy Johnson and I bicycled around Lake Superior. We had some equipment problems and two full days of rest, so in total we rode 1,230 miles in 25 days. We carried all of our own gear and camped out all but three nights. I am middleaged and not in excellent shape, so I felt every windy, hilly mile.

It is hard to say what was the best part of the trip, because it was really all spectacular and for me, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Being from the U.P., but not having lived there in more than 20 years, I really enjoyed cycling through places I hadn’t been to in ages, as well as talking to all of the friendly people we met along the way. My friend was amazed at how everywhere we went, from Ironwood to the Soo, I met people who knew someone I knew. I even met people in Wawa, Ontario, who knew cousins of mine in Crystal Falls.

Canada was also fabulous. The scenery, particularly that of Batchawana Bay, Pancake Bay and Nipigon, was spectacular. The views more than made up for the constant hills and headwinds. The only thing I’d say for anyone going through Canada, particularly on bicycle, is to be well prepared for stretches of 60 miles or more with no places to get food or water or to have your bike repaired, should you have problems with it.

I’d love to be able to join the Circle Tour Club as a way to memorialize our ride as well as to offer any helpful information I might have to others interested in doing the tour. I’ve included a photo of us on the second to last day of our ride.

Susan Lukas, Land O Lakes, Wisconsin