I Really Loved Minnesota

I rode my bicycle around Lake Superior in September 2012 with Emma Higgins. We began our ride on September 11 and finished on September 28.

We left from Marquette, Michigan, and ended in the same city. We rode around the lake clockwise, riding the peninsula first, traveling through Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario and then back to Michigan. The entire week we were in Canada it rained, but the lush woods and all of the bald eagles made up for the miserable riding conditions!

I really loved Minnesota. We stayed at Split Rock Lighthouse and had an amazing view. I had also never been to Duluth before, and the Twin Ports Bike Shop really hooked us up! We stayed with an amazing couple that we had met outside of the food co-op; they were extremely hospitable and very helpful. The woman had actually ridden her recumbent bicycle around the lake over 10 years ago!

Jill Martindale, Ada, Michigan