Completed on My Bicycle

Emma Higgins and Jill Martindale

I recently completed the Circle Tour around Lake Superior on my bicycle! I completed the Circle Tour on the 28th of September. We began the Tour on the 10th of September. The entire tour was beautiful, the first day crossing over from Minnesota to Ontario was breathtaking. I also fell in love with the Upper Peninsula, and Duluth, Minnesota, was my favorite city we passed through.

It is a shame there is not more encouragement for cyclists to complete the tour. The shoulder was often harrowing and the rates for camping were often atrociously expensive considering we were in a tent and were using no hook-ups. We met four other cyclists completing the tour. I imagine there must be many more during the warmer summer months. I will be writing an article on the journey for Grand Rapids Magazine. It is wonderful this club exists! I hope you will be adding an option for Bicyclists in the future, unless I missed it. I’m not sure I consider driving it in a car to be that much of an achievement!

Emma Higgins, Grand Rapids, Michigan