Love Everything About the Lake

I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I did the tour. Not all at once, but I did it. I used to haul paper to Duluth, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie. I love everything about the Lake. My wife and I plan on taking a couple weeks and camping and getting motels on a tour with another couple this summer.

I drive the north shore every week to Toronto and love the mystery of what the weather holds for me each week. Sunny day or blizzard. My trucking co. is named after the pictographs on Agawa Rock. The Lake Panther or Missishipsu. Also my truck number is 17 for the highway that runs along the lake.

And to top it off, a Missishipsu tattoo. Well, I’d better end this novel by saying thanks for Lake Superior Magazine. Take care, bear hugs.

George Payne, Winnipeg, MB