An Absolutely Wonderful Time

1. Our Trip included an overnight at Grand Marais, Michigan, staying at the North Shore Lodge and we rode the just recently completed route H58, which they are calling the Tail of the Dragon of the North. Was very beautiful seeing many sand cranes along the way.

2. We traveled this route to our next stop of Houghton, Michigan. On the way to Houghton we stopped at Miners Castle, a natural rock formation. This is located in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. We also visited Presque Isle Scenic Area and stopped at the Manido Falls.

3. Arriving in Houghton, Michigan, several of our group rode out the peninsula to Copper Harbor, Michigan, for some more scenic views.

4. Riding from Houghton to Duluth, Minnesota. We did a side trip to the Lake of the Clouds for more pics, then we spent the night at the Holiday Inn downtown and walked the Skywalk over to Grandma’s Restaurant for dinner. Very good establishment.

5. Leaving Duluth a little later we rode a beautiful scenic ride to Thunder Bay, Ontario, staying at the Days Inn. Stopped at the Harley Store and then rode out to see Kakabeka Falls, which were awesome.

6. From Thunder Bay, we rode the most beautiful and breathtaking views of Lake Superior to Wawa, Ontario. Traveling highways 11/17 going on fishing trips for more than 30 years, this was the absolute best, most breathtaking that I have ever seen. We stayed at the Northern Lights Motel in Wawa.

7. Leaving Wawa the next morning we once again had an extremely wonderful weather day for some outstanding views of Lake Superior coming down out of the mountains and views that were the very best. Our two days in Canada couldn’t have been any better. We headed to the Soo and the Mackinac Bridge, back to Grayling, Michigan, where we all met up with our group when the trip began.

There were 8 riders total and we had an absolutely wonderful time. Mother Nature was definitely at its best for this trip.

Gary Dvorak, Shelby, Ohio