The Trip Was Amazing

We are so proud to say we have circled the lake and ready to join the club, please! The three of us completed the circle yesterday, July 18, on motorcycles! We left Friday 13th going around the southern route averaging 275 miles a day, that includes the 100 miles to Duluth from home in Fifty Lakes, Minnesota. The trip was amazing! Of course, we had planned all winter and were very excited to travel around. The highlights for me were the harbors and history and different views of the lake. The switchbacks down to the lift bridge and back up in Houghton, the ride into Copper Harbor through what seemed an enchanted forest, the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie, the hills and wilds of the Canadian side, riding through the pouring rain to find the last room in Marathon, the falls and beaches and lack of beach, and getting back into Minnesota and my favorite place – the North Shore. The best part was that Dad, Shelley and I did the Circle Tour together!

Jeanne Bradley, Fifty Lakes, Minnesota
Shelley Holden, Northfield, Minnesota
Jerry Larson, Fifty Lakes, Minnesota