Bicycled Around Lake Superior

In June of 2009 my sister Pat and I cycled around Lake Superior. I recall the mileage to be about 1,340 miles, but it took up three weeks. We left our cars at Michigan Tech’s Ford Forestry Center and cycled up to Copper Harbor and then continued west in a clockwise ride around the lake.

Our favorite section was the north shore of Minnesota. The cycling was great, the state parks were nice for camping and the scenery wonderful.

Another nice memory was when we arrived in Nipigon where we were invited to a cookout by a group of First Nation people having dinner with a group of scientists from around the world studying large lakes. We sort of invited ourselves to the cookout, which concluded with them serving fresh blueberry pie. It was wonderful.

Jerry/Amy Koch, Concord, CA
Pat Escobar, Bridgewater, NJ