Cherished Memories

We have completed the Circle Tour many times over the years. We have cherished memories of amazing camping trips with our two sons, who are grown up now. Please enroll us in the membership.

My favorite memory follows: We took a long camping trip in 2001, in August, first going to Fayette [in the Keweenaw] to stay by the abandoned smelt-mining townsite and then on to Fort Wilkins State Park. Our sons, Mitch and Sean, were 10 and 12, such great ages for exciting exploration! We picked lots of raspberries and blackberries in Fayette. The raspberries were much bigger and grainier at Copper Harbor. By going to a very small ice cream/antique shop I found out why. One of the botanical pictures in the shop was of thimbleberries – native and exclusive to the area! Not planning on having ice cream, I spotted the most expensive item on the menu – thimbleberry sundae! How could I resist?! I told the store owner it must be the only place in the world to have a thimbleberry sundae. He said it was! One of the best sundaes I’ve ever eaten and one of the best camping trips I’ve ever taken.

Kellie Kitchen, Northport, Michigan