We All Had a Great Time

My husband and I, along with 2 friends who have since passed away, did the Circle Tour on four motorcycles the last week in August 1973. Started out at Ashland, Wisconsin, and had miserable weather the whole trip. I myself went through two sets of rain gear and have never lived it down.

We rode up the north shore and I was leading as I was the only girl so when we would pass a car people would point and once we stopped for gas and this car pulled along side and they had a bet going that I was a girl. In 1973 women didn’t ride bikes like they do today so was unusual to see a girl riding. Even with rain gear on I couldn’t hide my identity.

We all had a great time. My husband and I still have a bike and enjoy riding. We would love to have a circle tour logo to display on our travels. Thank you so much.

Bob & Carol Feldmeier, Ashland, WI