Trip Reports

See what Circle Tour travelers said about their trips around Lake Superior. Find recommendations for lodging, dining, attractions, parks and hiking; tips for motorcycles and RVs; the best times of year to go; advice for dog owners; and so much more.

You can read the reports in chronological order or dip into the archives with these notable tags. At the bottom of this page, browse the archives by month and year.

RecommendationsAttractions • Camping • Dining • Fishing • Hiking • Lighthouses • Lodging • Paddling • Parks • Rock Picking • Shopping • Waterfalls

TransportationBicycle • Camper • Motorcycle • RV • Snowmobile

Direction: Clockwise • Counterclockwise

SeasonsFall color • Winter

Animals: Wildlife Viewing • Bears • Bald Eagles • Canada LynxCaribou • DeerLoons • MoosePorcupineRed Foxes • Sandhill CranesSnowshoe Hares • Wolves


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